Thursday, May 11, 2006

Survey Report on Teeth

Purpose of the survey

This report presents the results of a survey on teeth. The aim of the survey was to determine what people know about their teeth and what concerns their about their oral hygiene are..


The teeth survey has 10 questions and these questions consist of knowing about what people know about what’s happening in their mouth, precisely their oral hygiene life. We have between 18 and 19 respondents. Only 4 questions have 18 respondents; the questions number 5-8-9-10. In total the survey collected 186 data.

The responses show that none of the respondents were worried about their teeth. 63.2% of the respondents brush their teeth two times per day and 68.4% floss their teeth once per day; furthermore, 52.6% go to the dentist every six month and it’s a good percentage. That is good for them!

Moreover, they know a lot of dental terms, for example, the sealer, because 55.6% answered that it was a last protector for the teeth and it’s the correct answer. However, only 9/19 people knew in total that we can have 32 teeth in the mouth.

The questions 5 and 6 prove which of respondents have a good oral hygiene.
61.1% floss and don’t have gum bleeding .
68.4% have between 0 to 5 cavities since they were born.


All the questions were answered with logic except two questions :

8. What is a sealer?

- Last protector 55.6%
- A thing to bleach your teeth 33.3%
- A bag to put the fillings 16.7%

9. Do you have a sealer in your mouth?

- Yes 27.8%
-No 72.2%

How is it that 27,8% have a sealer in their mouth and 55.6% know what is the sealer and don’t have them? I don’t understand that, because I have been working at the dental clinic for the past 5 years and the majority of the patients who don’t have the sealer in their mouth, don’t know what it is. That’s why, I don’t understand this result. I think it’s just a lucky answer for a lot of these two questions.


To conclude, my survey allowed me to reach my goal, which was to see if people were preoccupied with their teeth. From this survey, I learned that 55.6% of people knew what sealers were. I know what sealers are because I work as a dental assistant, but I didn’t expect so many people to know what sealers were. I was shocked that so many people had cavities. In my survey, 68.4% of people have 0 to 5 cavities. Finally, I would not change anything in my survey.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Click here to answer my survey about teeth .

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Montreal, what a nice city! All the tourists from all around the world who want to visit the Jazz Festival Montreal, The Francofolies and the Just for laughs Festival and many others.. Montreal is one of the biggest multiethnic cities in the world. We have difference neighborhoods such as Chinatown, Little Italy, the Latin Quarter and so on.
Old Montreal is my favorite part of Montreal. You can visit different museums that explain the real historic of Montreal and different important events ( ex. : expo 67, the Olympic….)

Personally this city is the best place to live because it took place in Canada and Canada is the land of freedom!